We support the digital transformation of your production process, with references in multiple industries around the world.


We can improve the Productivity and Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) of your process through the reengineering of your production plants. Revamping the electrical and automation systems greatly reduces lead and cycle times and helps speed-up maintenance by replacing outdated technologies. An extended retrofit can also expand your product range, giving you more flexibility and competitiveness.

Here's a few example of applications.

New production plant

New production plant. We were awarded an EPC contract for integration of a new starch-based production plant.The design required more than 16,000 hours and included a critical buildings conversion..

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Product line extension for AHSS steel

Product line extension AHSS Advanced High Strenght Steel. Retrofit of an annealing line to produce AHSS steel coils. Advanced high strength steels (AHSS) have a major economic significance in the ..

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Revamping of E&C systems for galvanizing line

Revamping E&C systems for galvanizing line: the old technologies have been replaced with cutting-edge technologies. The new equipment has been fitted with the existing panels and the existing ..

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Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency can be an important competitive advantage. With our vast expertise with drives and process control, we can optimize energy consumption. We also have specific solutions for Energy Monitoring & Control Systems (EMCS), a critical element of a modern substation.
To reduce natural gas consumption, we can install recuperative and regenerative burners or design a modern Burner Management System (BMS), complete with our mathematical model pxFlam.
Ask us about the availability in your country of White Certificates schemes (ESC EEC..) to further boost modern Burner Management System (BMS), complete with our mathematical model pxFlam.
Ask us about the availability in your country of White Certificates schemes (ESC, EEC..) to further boost your bottom line.

Here's a few example of applications.

Electrical monitoring and control system EMCS

Electrical monitoring and control system EMCS. The electrical monitoring and control system supplied includes also a demand side management (DSM). The system is connected to the electricity ..

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Medium Voltage Parametrization – Energy efficiency

Medium Voltage Parametrization MV drives. The environmental considerations are an integral part of industry process. This job had a double environmental scope. The increase of dedusting capacity and ..

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Combustion system upgrade for Pyrolysis furnaces

Combustion system upgrade for Pyrolysis furnaces. A new combustion system has been supplied for the existing pyrolysis furnaces. The retrofit has reduced the energy consumption and increased the ..

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Functional Safety

Plants and work equipment must be safe to comply with legal requirements as well as for corporate social responsibility.

In order to guarantee the functional safety of your production, it is necessary to know how to put different capabilities into practice: knowledge of processes and machines, knowledge of laws and regulations, knowledge of the state-of-the-art solutions on the market. Furthermore, during the development of a project it is often necessary to be able to understand - and combine - safety requirements and production requirements by developing effective solutions for new plants as well as for the revamping of existing plants.

PRISMA Impianti has created a multidisciplinary team specialized in functional safety, with the goal to offer to the customer exactly this added value: first of all safety, but also solutions compatible with production needs.

Our engineers are certified by TUV Rheinland as "Functional Safety Engineers" and by TUV Nord as "Certified Machinery Safety Expert" and they can fully implement what is required by various international standards such as IEC 61508, IEC 61511, IEC/EN 62061 or EN/ISO 13849. We have important experience with Safety Integrity Levels up to SIL 3 and Performance Levels up to PLe in different industries, such as: process industry, iron and steel industry, oil & gas, power generation, naval and land transport, automotive, urban and rail transport, port logistics.

Our team is able to offer all that is necessary for the development and implementation of functional safety:
• Risk Analysis and Reliability Analysis of components and systems (HAZOP, FMECA, FTA, RAMS)
• Development and design of Integrated Control & Safety System (ICSS), Fire & Gas and Emergency Shutdown System (ESD)
• Implementation of the engineered solution, a step that can be managed independently by the customer
• Validation of the implementation and erection (performed by us or by third parties)
• Production of the Technical Construction Files and CE Certifications according to the applicable Directives
• Sworn assessments of production lines

Advantage of our solutions:
Safe operators - Sustainable functional safety - Performant plants - Protection of company assets

SIL 3 Safety System

The scope of work was the design & supply of an integrated control Safety System for the water injection wells. The system has been based on an SIL3 ICSS controller and equipped with a top class ..

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Functional Safety Engineering

PRISMA Impianti follows an approach of continuous improvement process. Not only Our engineers are trained and experienced with the machine directives ATEX (explosion proof), PED (pressure test), Low ..

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Machine guarding safety system revamping

Retrofitting of the test area for the Aerospace and Defense Industry. This job included the design and supply of a new safety system for the testing rooms of different equipment. The existing process..

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Smart Analytics

Smart Analytics are a more immediate and convenient solution to improve your production management. Our MES solution features material and warehouse management, production scheduling and optimization, real-time tracking, quality control, data storage and analysis, KPI and reports.
The system is mobile-friendly and cyber-secure, to make sure unlocking the Industrial IoT potential will not mean the loss of data security. With our MES, or its single software sub-packages, you can improve your lead time, quality and uptime. It is a valuable tool to a better maintenance management, an often neglected source of value.

Here's a few example of applications.

Production monitoring System

Production monitoring System. Given our long experience, we know how important it is for our Clients to measure the performance of each production step, to have the basis for a continuous improvement ..

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Manufacturing Execution System MES

Manufacturing Execution System MES.We have realized a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for a steel pipe production factory.In addition to the production process (forming, welding, ..

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Pickup optimization software in automated warehouse

Pickup optimization software in automated warehouse. Modern logistic warehouses are becoming key assets for a customer with the needs to store a large amount of critical equipment and components. ..

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