Pierpaolo Rovero signs PRISMA image 2019
Pierpaolo Rovero signs PRISMA image 2019
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We trust in innovation as a form of art for companies and people; for this reason we decided to entrust our 2019 calendar to the artist Pierpaolo Rovero from Turin.

The artist realized the work exclusively for PRISMA, painting an industrial scenario using the typical colors of this environment, plus green. Green has always been our corporate color: it symbolizes vitality, hope and harmony; referring to the work of art it represents the innovation brought by our revamping projects, a transition increasing productivity, occupational health&safety of workers and environmental performance.

The importance of the human factor is always prime for a successful project: therefore, it’s right in the middle of the work of art, in order to represent the trust bond between us and our Clients.

PRISMA Impianti, TRUST in Automation.


Pierpaolo Rovero interpreted the work of PRISMA starting from the name.

The artist used the figure of the prism and the color as key element for his work.

There are many similarities with the company: the geometric figure of the prism reveals the hidden brilliance of the color, just as PRISMA reveals the unexpressed potential of its client companies.

The prism also works well for something that already exists: it changes the light. Also PRISMA bases its work on something already existing, improving it and giving it a new life.

The artist divides the work into two distinct moments: before and after, punctuated by the pyramid shape of the prism and divided in its two extremes by two human figures stretched towards each other.

The two men in a mutual embrace represent one of the most important values for PRISMA: the trust of the client company: selecting PRISMA means to rely on our special skills to renew its plants.

Just where the two figures meet, a ray of light hits the factory. In physics the ray is precisely the point of the phenomenon of refraction, which means “breaking” in Latin: thanks to PRISMA the companies can make a clear break with their past.

Reading from left to right the artist wanted to give us his interpretation of revamping: not only increased performance, increased safety and reduced consumption, but also a change in the color and soul of the client company.