In order to provide an even more efficient service to our clients, we have developed a few software modules for specific control functions:

  • pxCOAT™ closed- loop coating thickness control;
  • pxSPEED™ process line speed control;
  • pxTORQUE™ strip tension control. Combined with the previous module, it allows to control the processing line in a safe and efficient way, avoiding expensive standstills and increasing productivity;
  • pxFLAM™ burner management system (BMS) for the control of thermal combustion processes. It controls the combustion system in terms of safety, reduction of emissions & consumption, also improving the quality of the product.


pxSPEED™, pxCOAT™, pxTORQUE™ e pxFLAM™ are intellectual properties of PRISMA, developed and continuously improved starting from the needs of our customers and based on our experience from numerous projects. Depending on the specific applications, our software modules will be customized and fine-tuned, for a fast implementation.
Our speed control system pxSPEED™ can manage different speeds for several sections of a processing line. It controls the filling /emptying of the loopers in order to reach or maintain the process line speed set-point. Since many process lines are based on different sections (e.g. entry /furnace /exit), and each one may have different speeds according to the process requirement, pxSPEED™ results as a fundamental function of the automation of process lines.
The system pxSPEED™ operates autonomously and detects potential problems of actuators or sensors, switching to a lower and safer speed if needed. If the trouble still persists and this could affect the material quality or integrity, pxSPEED™ can stop the line in a gradual way. This approach avoids damages and ensures a faster restart. The controller has been successfully applied in many different plants all over the world.

The coating thickness control pxCOAT™ is the result of our experience with coating lines. Thanks to this solution, it is possible to avoid over – and undercoating with negative consequences on quality and costs. We can optimize the joint opening based on the speed of the line through the feedback of an in-line thickness measurement system, achieving a fully automatic control.

pxTORQUE™ is another key module for the control of all continuous process lines. The more the material is fragile, the more a fast and accurate torque controller is required. The main task of this type of control is to avoid any defects on the surface of the strip. pxTORQUE™ can reach a rate of 20-40 ms and guarantees the catenary control for coating lines (with or without laser).

pxFLAM™ controls the ratio between air and gas to reach the performance required by the master control system in order to follow temperature curves that allow the correct heating of the material, for example in a furnace feeding a rolling mill or a process line. pxFLAM™ is already integrated with safety functions to avoid explosion risks; the feedback of gas quantities introduced into the burner is part of a closed loop control to guarantee the adequate combustion ratio. The combustion ratio control function ensures that this occurs at reduced emissions and consumption, preserving the quality of the product and respecting the required parameters. To satisfy the required performance of heat treatment furnaces, especially for special steels, pxFLAM™ has been integrated by external devices to regulate the gas flows locally at the burners.

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