Cyber Security

We protect your production plant and industrial network from unauthorized access and cyber attacks

Securing networks, hardening systems, and protecting data from cyber threats has become more important than ever, as cyber incidents are on the rise. Your valuable data must be secured – and PRISMA Impianti will help you to find the right data security solution to protect your data against unauthorized access.


We can install our Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) in your industrial network to analyse network traffic in real-time and to send notifications in case of unauthorized access, reading or writing in the communication between PLCs and OPC Server.


For remote maintenance applications we have developed our cybersecurity suite SECRA, a secure remote access to connect via VPN with your server, PLC, SCADA and PCs.


We can guarantee data integrity and protect your sensitive data (critical recipes, laboratory results …) from being accessed by individuals with potentially “malicious” intentions by use of database encryption. In case of hacking this “meaningless” encrypted data is of little to no use for hackers, since they will not be readable or interpretable.


Furthermore, in our MOM platform MAGUS we certify the integrity of the data stored in the database and in case of mismatch the final certification of the product / order / lot will not be granted.


By use of penetration tests we can simulate cyber attacks in your network to find weak points. After an in-depth analysis our Cyber Security experts will help you to protect your network with a high level of security to ensure safe & trusted communication and protect data.

Our services:


  • Intrusion Detection System (IDS)
  • SECure Remote Access – VPN (SECRA)
  • Firewall with custom rules
  • Database encryption
  • Data integrity
  • Analysis of data packages with respective values passing on the network
  • Certified communication channels
  • Data certification
  • Penetration test – simulation of cyber attacks
  • Consulting
Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

An IDS is a network security technology which monitors the traffic to identify malicious activity or policy violations. Any intrusion activity or violation is reported to an administrator.
The IDS is placed at a strategic point within the network to monitor traffic to and from all devices on the Operational Technology “OT” network (Level 1). It performs an analysis of passing traffic in real-time.

PRISMA configures the software by defining:


  • Usual traffic flow
  • PLC memory areas
  • Data type in the specific area
  • Range of values
  • Permitted values for each TAG
  • Status of the TAGs

By this configuration, critical values (for example max. motor speed) can be monitored. The IDS will analyze the parameters of each passing PLC data package on the Level 1 network to analyse if the data is in accordance with the policy rules. In case of violations (e.g. value not allowed because too high), the system will send an alert to the administrator for further analysis. If necessary, the packet can be automatically discarded in order to ignore the value and to avoid writing to the PLC memory.

After first installation, we will fine-tune your IDS to reduce false alarms and to recognize what normal traffic on the network looks like as compared to malicious activity.
The Intrusion Detection System is already integrated in our MOM platform MAGUS, a control system for managing and monitoring the production, which plays a more and more strategic role in today’s industry.

SECRA (SECure Remote Access)

Our cybersecurity suite SECRA allows the VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection and transfer of data in a safe way between industrial plants and technical offices.


SECRA may also be used for required maintenance and plant control activities.

So we are introducing to our Clients concepts such as remote maintenance, virtual commissioning, and real-time data analysis to improve the production performance.



  • Secure remote access to industrial networks
  • Can be completely configured to be integrated in each network architecture
  • Avoids backdoor
  • Cryptographic protocol ensures integrity and confidentiality
  • Stateful (dynamic) packet filter firewall configured with whitelisting policies
  • Two-Factor Authentication:
    1) Asymmetric cryptography system
    2) One Time Password generated from APP on smartphone and tablet
  • Protection from DoS, DDoS and MITM external attacks

The cybersecurity suite SECRA is already integrated in our MOM platform MAGUS, a control system for managing and monitoring the production, which plays a more and more strategic role in today’s industry.

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