Smart Analytics

We support the digital transformation of your industrial processes, by providing automation systems and Industry 4.0 solutions tailored to your custom needs

Smart Analytics is a more immediate and convenient solution to improve your productivity, simplify your production management and improve your process.

The modular functions, based on PRISMA Impianti experience, can be selected according to the needs of the customer. The scope is to create a simpler solution without the burden of unnecessary functionalities, save time and reduce costs.

Features Smart Analytics

Our MOM platform MAGUS includes features as material and warehouse management with advanced space optimization, production scheduling and optimization, real-time material tracking, quality control, data storage and analysis, KPI, OEE and reports.

The system is mobile-friendly and cyber-secure, to make sure unlocking the Industrial IoT potential will not mean the loss of data security. With our MOM, or its stand-alone modules, you can improve your lead time, production quality and machine uptime.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI), automatic tracking and routing for the product

The MOM platform optimizes production planning and products traceability using Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques.

The intelligent routing keeps track of the order handling and production process. It can manage in real-time unexpected changes in the production plan. In case of problems with production machines, the system suggests solutions to keep the production process flow. Furthermore, the routing management optimizes the use of production lines while maintaining high product quality levels.

Full reports and Business Intelligence (BI), customized for each account role

The collection of real time data from the shop floor and the analysis and presentation of this data to control the production has become increasingly important to achieve the optimum performance of the manufacturing plant.

We use Business Intelligence (BI) platforms for the data analysis, to create smart dashboards or real-time reports for the production process and product quality monitoring.

The plant efficiency is monitored through an index called OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), which is calculated from Key Performance Indicators (KPI) like Performance, Availability and Quality for each machine.

All reports will be customized to meet the requirements of the customer. Different user roles can be defined to visualize the relevant information for every management function.

Business Intelligence, Smart Analytics, PRISMA Impianti, automazione, impiantistica, ingegneria

Traceability of the final product

The whole production process can be entirely managed by our MOM platform MAGUS and all relevant data are stored in its database, so each final product is completely traceable: relevant process values, recipes, machine settings and laboratory test results are stored. All this information can be used for product certification to optimize the production.

Warehouses management

MAGUS can also manage your Input and Output Warehouse and can be easily integrated both in partially or fully automated warehouses. The main functions are material receiving, material storage management (including store place definition and free store place suggestion as well as cranes/trucks management for picking), finished and semi-finished product storage management, shipping, reporting and inventory.

The MOM will constantly update your inventory with all data from production, scrap materials, and non-conforming products. That means your purchasing, shipping and scheduling departments know what is available in each facility, and what they need to order.

Minimization of scrap and waste

Since machines setups tend to be quick and consistent, problems can be identified immediately and the process can be stopped, limiting the number of bad parts and wasted material.

The system is able to prevent or detect incorrect setups and compares the current machine operations and process data with the expected performance. Smart Analytics has enabled the possibility for real-time error corrections in operations to minimize rework and scrap (waste) – towards zero defects.

Predictive maintenance and diagnostics

Thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with techniques based on Machine Learning (ML) algorithms, it is possible to exploit the data of the production process, like system status and machineries operating conditions, to diagnose possible failures and anomalies, or to predict the operating status of the systems.

Predictive Maintenance will help you to foresee breakdowns. Based on existing data and experience it is possible to define for each critical component a set of variables (e.g. speed, temperature, vibrations, etc.) which will be monitored to calculate the probability of breakdown. Our MOM platform MAGUS will advise the maintenance team if the component has reached a critical status and should be serviced or replaced.

The software helps you to manage all maintenance activities like the registration and report of breakdowns and to schedule maintenance tasks. Using maintenance work orders it is possible to schedule and execute tasks for components that have to be replaced after a defined life cycle (condition based or time based). The spare parts management module can be used for several production lines or plants.

Predictive Maintenance, Smart Analytics, PRISMA Impianti, automazione, impiantistica, ingegneria

Quality prediction

The fast-increasing complexity and high-dimensionality of modern manufacturing requires innovative smart analytics solutions to guarantee the product quality.

Our MOM platform MAGUS uses learning algorithms for the manufacturing quality prediction. All data from the manufacturing process is used to optimize the quality management.

The system tracks automatically compliant products and non-conformities, minimizing plant stoppages.

Accurate product quality predictions allow the manufacturer to make better choices of machine parameters and to achieve higher quality levels for the final product.

Cybersecurity – Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

To protect your production plant and industrial network from unauthorized access and cyber attacks we can install our Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) to analyze Ethernet network traffic in real-time and to trigger alarms or block detected harmful packets source, both for PC and PLC communications.


These are just some of the features of our solution. PRISMA Impianti can develop tailor-made functions based on the customer needs and particular processes.

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