MAGUS, a MOM platform

Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM)

  • Automatic tracking and routing for the product
  • Full reports and BI, customized for each account role
  • Traceability of the final product
  • Warehouses management
  • Minimization of scrap and waste
  • Predictive maintenance and diagnostics
  • Quality prediction
  • Cyber Security and Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

The Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) platforms have been developed for the management, storage and analysis of production, maintenance, testing and traceability/logistics processes. They represent an evolution of the Manufacturing Execution System (MES). PRISMA Impianti has developed its own MOM platform, MAGUS, which helps the End User to optimize production planning and products traceability, tracking non-conformities while minimizing plant stoppages. Among its strengths, thanks to our broad experience in process control, is the simplicity of interfacing with level 4 (ERP) and level 1 (PLC) systems, which allows a high degree of automation of the order management and a detailed real-time tracking of the products.

Compared to other platforms, MAGUS was created in consideration of the requirements of challenging production processes such as metallurgy and chemistry, which require a strong customization to be really useful for managers, operators and maintenance personnel.

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MAGUS is a modular platform – each individual module will be customized to the needs of the customer – in order to meet the precise requirements, without providing unnecessary functionality. The interface, based on HTML5 and CSS3, supports multi-device, therefore it can be accessed from PC as well as smartphone; It goes without saying that multi-user management is included, so everyone can find easily the necessary information. Based on the latest best practices in the field of data security and accessibility, MAGUS modules can be installed on-premises or hosted in the cloud, a useful solution if the platform has to manage production in several plants.

Among the most advanced features of MAGUS there is a decision support system based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning algorithms, able to handle the big data coming from the analysis of the production processes, which are transformed into information. These will be presented both with graphics and text and will change according to user permissions, letting even less skilled operators to face the tasks they’ve been assigned to.

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European Regional Development Fund

PRISMA Impianti, automazione, impiantistica, ingegneria

Project part of the strategic research agenda 2016 of the MESAP Innovation Cluster, financed in the context of POR FESR 2014-2020 from the Piedmont Region and realized with the contribution of resources from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) of the Italian State and the Piedmont Region.

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