Prefabricated Power & Control Rooms (PCRS)


A preassembled Power & Control Room is one of the fastest and most reliable ways to shorten the erection phase. In fact, after designing and building the electrical and control equipment, PRISMA Impianti is also able to fit all the supplied equipment inside a shelter. These shelters are designed by us taking into account the required functionalities and environmental conditions, while minimizing the size to cut down shipping costs and delivery times. Modular solutions are available to account for special needs. PRISMA Impianti PCRs use military-grade connectors for a quick and easy power up of the solution.

Here’s a few example of environmental conditions sustained by our PCRs:


  • Off grid solution (PV system + battery pack);
  • Marine atmosphere (special coatings);
  • Desert, tropical or sub-artic environments.

PRISMA Impianti have designed and manufactured PCRs for a wide range of applications and industries; a special mention should be made for:


  • Pipeline leak detection system (LDS) for leak or break detection monitoring, TLC equipment, anti-intrusion detection and remote video surveillance;
  • Air pollution monitoring station with communication to the national environment agency (if required);
  • On-board PCRs for harbor and bridge cranes, compliant to marine atmosphere and strong vibrations.
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Here’s a few example of applications

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