Qualified experts in the field of robotic systems

We find the best solution to integrate robots for various activities like material handling and palletizing, slag skimming and marking. We transform plants into highly automated systems: quick, easy to use and cost-effective.
Our service includes the installation and commissioning of robotized cells that include power and robot control panels, HMI/SCADA, fencing with safety interlocks and / or light curtains, PLC and safety software, interface with other systems and / or existing PLCs, operator training.

Each robot can be equipped with a suitable tool according to the required purpose:


  • Marking systems (powder, paint, punching, laser) complete with marking heads and paint/solvent management panel where necessary. It is possible to mark numbers, characters, data matrix and bar codes;
  • Handling/palletizing systems equipped with a magnet dimensioned according to the loads to be handled or mechanical grippers with pneumatic or hydraulic control;
  • Systems for slag skimmers for zinc pots with custom-built tools;
  • Systems for metalworking such as cutting (plasma, laser) and grinding.

Our systems can also exchange data with the plant network, adapt to the available spaces, operate in high temperature environments and respect all safety requirements in compliance with safety standards.

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