IP for process lines

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Intellectual Properties for process lines

We supply reliable HW & SW architecture for speed and torque control in process lines such as pickling, galvanizing, annealing and continuous coating lines.

Many clients have already appreciated our suite of modules controlling these critical functions:


  • pxSPEED™ – Process line speed control;
  • pxTORQUE™ – Strip tension control;
  • pxDIAM™ – Coil diameter real-time measurements;
  • pxCOAT™ – Control of coating thickness using closed-loop technology.

These modules improve the reliability and production quality of process lines and can be installed in existing automation systems.
PRISMA provides the process solutions and industry expertise to drive our customers’ operational excellence.

The main benefits are:
  • Reduce process line downtime from less coil breakage;
  • Improved coil quality from more uniform coating.
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