Project “Si fa per dire- We work to tell our story”

Project “Si fa per dire – We work to tell our story”.

Sometimes it is necessary to take a seat on the round table to talk about own experiences.

PRISMA Impianti operates in several countries around the world, many of the people are involved in various projects and spend a lot of time out of the office.

So it becomes particularly important, to describe this information and experiences in order to share the know-how, which is the added value of the company.

In this context the project “We work to tell our story” has been started to invite everybody, the CEO and the employees of our development areas, to meet at the round table and to talk about their experiences with colleagues.

The project “We work to tell our story” is a possibility to speak freely, without embarrassment.

Often we tend to think that in organized companies every decision must be taken in a strictly hierarchical way. But during the meeting, it became clear that even rough ideas can be shared to increase the business success.

By listening to the others, the communication exchange and collaboration between the various areas has improved.

This initiative is part of the Agile methodology, which is applied by PRISMA Impianti since many years. The methodology is focused on the communication with the client and internal teams. Placing people and the customer’s needs in the center helps to respond to changes with flexibility and quickness. This can be done only with a cohesive team which is able to share information constantly. During the meeting, it was suggested to create a knowledge base in order to share the experiences in an effective way.

The project “We work to tell our story” promoted the collaboration.

Several teams, composed of people from various areas and covering different roles, have accepted the challenge represented by LEGO Serious Play™

At the end of the day, with a glass of wine and a plate of “farinata”, a local specialty, there was another chance to chat informally with the colleagues.




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