PRISMA Impianti CEO Manuel Alfonso interviewed by Siderweb

PRISMA Impianti CEO Manuel Alfonso has been interviewed by Siderweb, the Italian web community dedicated to Steel. In the edition of the News, summarizing the main weekly news, part of the interview was broadcasted, focusing on some of the crucial issues for the steel industry and the future plans of our Company.

Being the iron and steel industry one of our most important, we can have a bird-eye view on it, both in Italy and abroad. Since 1980 we have seen so many changes” Said Manuel Alfonso. “Surely it would be unfair to say that during these difficult years the Italian steel industry stood still: there have been extensive revamping projects, in which our company has often been involved for our specific experience. Outside Europe, the demand for greenfield projects remained stable for us, as we cooperate with many large main contractors.  PRISMA Impianti reliability is recognized by major global players such as Arcelor Mittal and SSAB, for whom we carried out a major revamping of the annealing line for AHSS steels” said our CEO during the interview.

Even if investments in the Italian and European Iron&Steel industry have been very discontinuous during these last years, the forecast for 2017 can be cautiously optimistic and consistent with the improvement of the main indicators. It is also important to point out that PRISMA Impianti also supplies other markets, like the automotive industry, and works in different geographical areas, such as the Americas, Middle East, and ASEAN. This benefits PRISMA Impianti turnover and allows cross-industry technology transfer.

For the future” – continued Mr. Manuel Alfonso – “ innovation and high value-added projects will be the mantra of our company. Our Manufacturing Execution System will be enriched with new features, as Industry 4.0 applications begin to play an important role in the market. Industries such as power generation, oil&gas and mass transport will be the first to deploy industrial cybersecurity solutions, that we are already testing thanks to the cooperation with the Politecnico di Torino”.

The latter part of the interview focuses on ILVA, for which “ We all hope in a quick handover to private shareholders with a solid strategy” – Mr. Alfonso said. Finally, the topic of competence shortage was brought up. Automation will keep on changing the skills required to work, as a recent Report by McKinsey pointed out: “Harnessing Automation for a future that works“, that’s why our Company is committed to investing in education, helping people to develop and keep updated their competences.

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