At the end of December, it took place our traditional corporate year-end meeting to sum-up the main events of the year 2016 and describe the prospects for the future.

Regarding training, which is a very important topic for our company because it is closely linked to safety, we performed more than 2,000 hours of employees training. In 2017 a similar amount of hours will be budgeted for training, with an expansion of topics. PRISMA Impianti strives to maintain a good reputation not only for technical capabilities but also for the personal skills required to work in safe conditions even in high-risk countries.

During the meeting, we presented the new knowledge management platform, which in July 2016 has been proposed from PRISMA Impianti employees during the meeting “Si fa per dire”. The platform is a further opportunity to facilitate the sharing of know-how within the company, even with colleagues around the world and in different time zones.

Another main topic of the meeting has been the budget for research and development. For the year 2017, PRISMA Impianti has announced a strong initiative towards Industry 4.0 related technologies; this impulse will be amplified thanks to the partnerships with the university and research centers, as well as a special training in certain areas of the company. For this reason, PRISMA Impianti will accelerate the plans for research and development which have already started in 2016, like project Broad P.I.T.T. for the realization of cybersecurity tools.

We finally discussed the economic achievements and future targets, as in 2016 we confirmed an increase of the operating margins.

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