On Tuesday 3rd December, our CEO Manuel Alfonso attended the event “2009 – 2019. TEN YEARS MESAP: FROM MECHATRONIC TO ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE” organized by the Mesap Innovation Cluster at the Centro Congressi Unione Industriale Torino
This event, which celebrates MESAP’s 10 years of activity, was an important moment for PRISMA Impianti SpA to confront and discuss the topic of Artificial Intelligence. In particular, Alfonso presented our project MAGUS, which uses two main AI principles:

• Multi-Agent Systems (MAS) for intelligent product routing within the factory
• Machine learning for predictive maintenance of the equipment

Another very innovative feature is the cybersecurity : in addition to the encryption of data exchange with external, we have set up an intrusion detection system in the industrial network. In fact, MAGUS transacts a data compliance check for each produced piece.

The project, financed with funding from the Piedmont Region, will officially end on 12th January 2020.

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